Friday, November 14, 2014

Trend Report: Pantone Planet

When it comes to "Trends", there seems to be an invisible puppet master at work. Doesn't it feel like there is some entity out there pulling the strings, dictating color schemes and ideas that ultimately influence a particular season's fashion, design, and tone? You'll hear through certain channels that "Grey" is a thing now and WHAM! almost overnight you see it in clothing, furniture, and beauty products. You may not have even considered "Grey" before and aren't sure why this sudden attraction. You just know, deep down, that GREY IS HOW YOU FEEL. The ability to diffuse all the information and express the attitude and emotion of a particular time into a palette is a unique talent. This influence wields an inordinate amount of power. 

Do I sound paranoid of the corporate zeitgeist? Well you might too, when you discover the fascinating story behind The Color Forecasters. From what I gather, something of this nature has been going on since 1968 when the International Color Authority (ICA) started forecasting trends. Twice a year in a white room at an undisclosed European location, 10 Industry Experts meet to choose the Pantone Color of the Year. Each expert is representing the interests of their particular nationality or interest group - politics, fashion, consumer products. I remember reading an article on this a few years back where a member leaked that The French delegate was "trying to push the color blue", and the Fashion Designer was "trying to make orange happen". 

As 2014 is creeping to an end, we thought we'd wrap up the year with a look back at the Pantone Colours of the Year - check out our roundup of Interiors on Pinterest! 

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