Wednesday, March 23, 2016


We are very excited to finally reveal the Mexi-Cali inspired apartment we designed and completed last week, located on the main strip, in the heart of Montreal!

Upon visiting the apartment for the first time we noticed there was a burrito shop located directly under the apartment, right then and there we knew that the theme for this space had to have some sort of Mexican flare to it. This made the whole creative process swing into action and before we knew it we were spitballing ideas for the most festive, fun apartment that we have yet to design.

We always start our design process by dreaming up a character, somebody that we envision living in this space. Since this apartment doubles as an AirBnb during the summer, and rental throughout the rest of the year, we had a couple different imaginative characters to base our brainstorming off of.
Who would be living here this summer? We figured the renters would be a group of people staying in town for Osheaga weekend, or people attending one of the numerous outdoor festivals that Montreal hosts in the summertime. Even groups of friends visiting for a quick getaway, wanting to have a fun, wild weekend.

Who would be living here permanently? Seeing as this apartment is verging on the McGill ghetto, it would definitely be the most popular place for students to live during the school year. To be 5 minutes away from nightlife, 5 minutes away from the most delicious, greasiest food in Montreal and 5 minutes away from your dreadful 8am class is every student's dream.

The outcome? A fun, fresh, young and colourful 4 bedroom apartment. Decked out in splashes of color, fun details such as custom lampshades, original light installation by yours truly, great local artwork and beautiful original exposed brick walls. This apartment is the perfect mix of Mexi-Cali and Montreal all in one place.

After countless burrito's, double orders of guacamole, long days spent running around searching for the perfect furniture, artwork, accessories..and long install nights, here it is!

Mixing and matching coloured chairs

"Hello" custom light installation ✨

Custom Fülhaus headboard 



Custom Fülhaus headboard

Custom Fülhaus headboard

Custom pom-pom detailed curtains

Splashes of colour in every corner

Custom "Day of the Dead" sugar skull Fülhaus lampshade

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